We are the Party Tribe Trolls: fun loving creatures from the great beyond. Until recently we kept to ourselves, traversing the cosmos in a glass spaceship filled with enchanted forests and magical sounds. Suddenly, we were shoved into a wormhole by a massive goat angel, and we tumbled through space and time until we found ourselves on the outskirts of this solar system. Upon seeing planet earth, we realized that our arrival was no coincidence: our tribe was summoned to unleash celebration on humankind. Prepare yourselves. We have descended from space, our laser party canons are fully charged, and they’re aiming straight at you.

We are the Party Tribe trolls: DJs that bring fresh, energetic, and trending music to any event. Whether it’s a night of earth shaking beats for that big dance party, scintillating and popular tunes for your special wedding day, smooth-jazz for your high class evening, or anything in-between, we have what you need. Your specific celebration needs will be always be our top priority, and with your input, we can provide the exact style and atmosphere you desire. We enjoy challenging ourselves to create innovative content that meets your needs and pushes our creative boundaries.

Welcome! You are now a Party Tribe Troll, and this is a collaborative effort. Get in touch today and make something special happen!